On-site Practice Training 

Biosafety provides training services in accordance with national and European legislation and good international practices, thus meeting the needs and demands of every working activity.

Depending on each business’ needs, training programs can be developed not only in Theoretical but also in Practical Training.

Practical Training includes exercises and practical implementation of the courses taught, i.e. working in heights, working in confined spaces, first aid, firefighting, rescue, safe use of equipment and tools, use of PPEs, etc.


On-site Practice Training must ensure:

  • Safe & controlled conditions for participants
  • Use of certified equipment
  • Simulation of work activities
  • Constant presence of instructors and trainers, guiding trainees
  • Possibility to retake training courses
  • Relevance between theory and practice

The venue and way of organizing the training program, can be adjusted to fit the specific needs and requirements of each business and thus, Biosafety implements the seminars:

  • In specially designed training areas
  • In suitable areas at client’s facilities, if requirements are met.