Health & Well-being

Health and Well-being programs are an evolving educational field that modern companies incorporate in their annual strategic plans, aiming to preserve their employees’ health and improve their way of life.

Significant changes that marked the Workplace the last decades, led to the emergence of new risk to employees’ Health & Safety, such as Psychosocial Risks.

Today, those risks are identified as one of the most significant challenge regarding Occupational H&S and are linked with problems such as, occupational stress, violence, harassment, discrimination and intimidation in workplaces.

In the recent years, Biosafety has developed and implemented a series of specialized Health and Well-being programs in workplaces, aiming to enhance the quality of employee’s life.


Training Programs

  • Occupational Stress Management
  • Mental Resillience in the workplace
  • Ethical Harassment at work
  • The Psychology of Communication

Guidance Programs

  • Life coaching
  • Wellness coaching
  • Diet coaching

Work-Life Balance

In order to balance working and personal life (work – life balance) and promote Health and Well-being, Biosafety plans and implements holistic corporate plans, in annual basis, that include Individual Sessions and Experiential Workshops.