First Aid Training

Biosafety provides certified First Aid Training Services, aiming to provide practical knowledge, which is deemed valuable to participants in their working as well as personal and social life.

Participants are trained in a practical/experiential way, in order to be able to recognize, evaluate and address life-threatening situation in adults

First Aid Training programs are implemented by Biosafety’s certified by European Resuscitation Council , ERC associates and upon successful completion of the program, participants receive certification (3- year duration).


Training Programs Biosafety

First Aid - BLS/AED

The Basic Life Support & Automated External Defibrillator provides comprehensive First Aid training.
It includes two modules, theoretical in which all the basic principles, the international protocols, the equipment and emergency cases of First Aid are presented, and the practice in which the participants are trained in experiential way in recognizing the urgency, airway management and stroke, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, resuscitation position, while paying particular attention to the use of defibrillator with exercise on it and virtual scenario exercises.
All participants practice in a special simulation training doll under the suggestion of the rapporteur.
The training has a four-hour duration and ends with the evaluation of the participants.

First Aid - Trauma Support

The program includes an introductory repeat in BLS/AED training and is the ideal choice for First Aid First Aid based on the risk index of each activity.
The training program includes extensive theoretical training and emphasises the practical training of participants to develop their skills in the use of the necessary equipment such as gauze, bandages, splints, awnings, tourney system, etc.
Participants perform screening scenarios using bandages, bleeding management, wound care, bruising, bladder management and care.

First Aid to Children and Persons with Special Needs

The ERC Certified Rapporteurs team has developed specific First Aid training programs for children, infants and special groups of people who need special care and attention.