Employees Training & Practice

Biosafety provides businesses with the opportunity to:

  • Select from a list of available training programs
  • Plan jointly, a suitable training program depending on the businesses’ needs.

Depending on the businesses’ needs and requirements, training programs can be developed in two phases:

a) Theoretical Training, that includes presentations, interactive participation, use of audio and video, workshops and evaluation tests.

b) Practical Training, that includes the practical application of the training course and exercises such as, working in heights, working in confined spaces, first aid, firefighting, rescue, safe use of equipment and tools, proper use of PPEs, etc.

For Biosafety’s training programs LAEK (0,24%) resources can be used.


The venue and way of organizing the training program, can be adjusted to fit the specific needs and requirements of each business and thus, Biosafety implements the seminars:

  • In a training area at its headquarters
  • In suitable areas at client’s facilities.
  • Distance learning through e-learning & webinars without the need of physical presence of the participants, thus overcoming any problem related with geographical distance or difficulties in employees’ availability.

Depending on the subject, training programs concern human resources of a corporate organization in its entirety, and address to:

  • Management and company executives
  • Middle-Management (Department executives, Chiefs, Workers, etc)
  • Groups or workers depending on their activities, nature or workplace such as, technical projects, industry, machinery operators, production workers, maintenance workers, sales employees, office employees, etc.
  • Subcontractors and third-party employees that are involved in the operation of the business.

Training Programs List

Basic Training in H&S

• Introduction in H & S
• Hazard Identification Methods & Risk Assessment
• Legislation regarding H & S
• Accidents in workplace Investigation
• Workplace Safety & Sign Principles
• Fire safety & Firefighting
• Safety in Construction
• Safety in Industry
• Use of Personal Protective Equipment
• Office Safety & Work with Monitors (PC)
• Escape Plans Development
• Emergency Evacuation Drills

Technical Content Training

• Manual Load Handling & Warehouse Safety
• Handling Construction Machinery and Lifting Equipment Safety
• Electrical Hazards
• Working in Heights Safety
• Safe use of chemicals/ explosives
• Outdoors Working Safety
• Working in Confined Spaces Safety
• Safe use of Dangerous Chemical Substances
• Energy Isolation / Lock Out - Tag Out Systems

Skills Development

• First Aid
• Working Psychology Seminars
• Developing Safe Occupational Behaviour
• Employee Support & Well-being Seminars
• Accident Management Strategy
• Crisis and Sudden Event Management in Workplace
• Safe Driving/ Passive Driving/ Driving Off Road
• Primary Health Prevention & Screening