e-Learning & Webinars

Biosafety provides long-distance learning for businesses’ employees through e-learning & Webinars regarding specialized training programs.

According to legislation, every employee must be properly and adequately trained upon recruitment or in case of change of workplaces and duties, equipment, etc., while training must be repeated at regular intervals.

Compliance with the requirements of legislation, in some cases, might be inconvenient for businesses, due to the inability to halt the operational process and employees’ activities, the geographical distance, or due to personnel unavailability to attend courses, simultaneously.

Biosafety responds to these problems by providing long-distance learning through e-learning & Webinars.

Through technology and internet, a series of Biosafety’s Training Programs is available for all employees, of every type of business and activity, regardless of distance, geographical position and availability, while providing the possibility of specialized “tailor made” training courses.