Training, apart from an employer’s obligations, is an investment for the corporation.

According to Code of Laws 3850/2019, suitable and adequate training must be provided for each employee with information & instruction in:

  • During induction
  • Any change of working duties
  • Any case of change of working equipment
  • Any case of new technology introduction in workplaces

Employee training must:

  • Adapt to the development and emergence of new risks
  • Repeated at regular intervals

Before choosing the Training provider, employers must ensure that:

  • Employees will acquire skills and knowledge that will improve their work, thus creating ROI
  • Employees will take specific courses and receive knowledge in rules and obligations.
  • Specific training needs will be covered, i.e. per project, typo of work, group of employees, i.e. senior executives, middle hierarchy employers, permanent subcontractors, newly-recruited, etc.
  • Training programs must be integrated, based on internationally applied programs and good practices as well as recognized and certified.
  • Participants will be evaluated in terms of understanding the training course’s topics
  • Participants will evaluate the trainers and training programs

Biosafety recommends this approach to every business and has the experience and expertise in planning, organizing and implementing Training & Informative Programs.