Workplace Safety Signs Studies

Signs, are the best possible means of transferring messages & information to employees and visitors inside a facility, thus being an essential risk protection measure.

Safety Signs and proper instalment is described in P.D. 105/1995 “Minimum requirements regarding occupational health & safety signs, in compliance with Directive 92/58/EOK”.

Proper instalment of Safety Sign, requires studying and proper planning in order to serve their purpose, meaning the suggestion and incitement or prevention of an action.


Type of Signs

  • Obligation Signs with blue color, i.e. use of PPEs, rule conformity, etc.
  • Danger Warning Signs with yellow color, i.e. electrocution, dangerous materials, suspended loads, etc.
  • Prohibition Signs with red color, i.e. smoking, unauthorised entry, machinery prohibition, etc.
  • Rescue Signs, with green color, indicating escape routes, emergency exits, assembly points, etc.
  • Fire-safety Signs with red color, indicating the location and use of portable fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, fire stations, etc.

Signs can be placed horizontally or vertically, visual or audible, as well as including interior and exterior layout sign of pedestrian and vehicle circulation.

Having Safety Sign Study is an employers’ obligation and Biosafety can undertake its conduction for any facility, i.e., offices, commerce, storage rooms, logistic centers, industrial sites, public spaces, construction sites, etc.