Fire Prevention Studies

According to Buildings Fire-Safety Regulation and Firefighting Directives, all building constructed after 1988 must have Active and Passive Fire-Safety Studies. The study describes the means that are essential in the building’s and businesses’ fire-safety and are directly linked with the safety of employees and visitors.

Biosafety can undertake the conduction of Fire-safety Studies, applying a certain methodology where building’s, facility’s and businesses’ specifications as well as all regulations and guidelines of legislation are considered, along with all applied international standards.

In addition of the study’s conduction, Biosafety is responsible for the whole process until the issuing of the necessary certification by the Fire Brigade Department.


Drills & Training

  • Fire-safety & Evacuation Drill, coordinated by the Safety Officer with the participation of the Fire Brigade.
  • Training – Informative Seminars regarding Fire-safety & Fire-Protection in all types of businesses (offices, malls, public spaces, hotels, etc.), industrial facilities, construction sites, storage rooms & logistic centers.