Environmental Studies

Human and environmental protection requires compliance with corresponding legislation and an essential tool to achieve it is the Environmental Study (ES).

In order to obtain or revision a license regarding the operation of a facility, the submission and approval of the Environmental Study, by corresponding authorities, is mandatory.

Legislation regarding ES:

  • European Union Directive L 175/85
  • Law 1650/1986
  • Law 3010/2002
  • Ministerial Decision 69629/5387/1990

Environmental Study

The main purpose of the Environmental Study is the assessment and evaluation of short-term and long-term impact to environment and man.

The study includes means of restoration as well as alternative choices to avoid unwanted outcome.

Biosafety undertakes the conduction of ES wholly, from the initial identification of possible negative impact of a project or activity, to the suggestion of alternative solution, data collection, accuracy control, as well as the preparation of the study and its final submission to corresponding authorities.