Emergency Response Plans & Evacuation Drawings

Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Response Plans is a precautionary measure and is drawn in order to organize and manage cases of emergencies that can take place in workplaces, i.e. fire, earthquake, sabotage, robbery, terror attack, etc.

The Emergency Response Plan is unique for every business.

At the same time, draws up the Escape Plan for each space, in order to have all successive actions that must be taken in the event of an emergency, and restart the operation of the facility after the event.

According to Law 3850/2010, article 30, the conduction of Emergency Response Plans is obligatory for all employers.


The ERP identifies hazards, foresees events, assesses risks and assigns roles and responsibilities to parties, assesses available means & equipment, determines the actions’ flow-chart, describes the means of contact & information transferring, etc. thus, in emergencies, everyone can act without wasting valuable time.


Escape Draws

In sudden events, finding the closest escape route and information transferring must be done with clarity and without delay, for everyone inside the facility, employers or third parties.

The Escape Draws are floor plans of each level of the business, where escape routes, emergency exits, assembly points, firefighting equipment, first aid stations, emergency numbers etc., are depicted.

Employers are obligated to post Escape Draws in key locations throughout the facility.

According to F.D. 15/2014 “Requirements regarding studying, planning and installing portable, permanent and other preventive and repressive means and measures, of national fire-safety legislation”, the conduction of Escape Plans must be in compliance with ISO 23601 standard “Safety Identification – Escape and evacuation plan signs”, depending on the case.

Biosafety offers integrated services regarding issues of Emergencies and undertakes the conduction of Emergency Response Plans and Escape Plans.

Additionally, Biosafety undertakes the training of employees regarding the implementation of Emergency Response Plans as well as, the conduction of Fire – Safety & Evacuation Drill, coordinated by the Safety Officer and with the participation of the Fire Brigade.