Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

  • Hazard. Anything that can cause injury or illness to human, damage or destruction to equipment or facility, impact on the environment or even negatively affect the operation and / or the reputation of a company.   
  • Risk. Combination of likelihood and severity of an undesirable event that occurs due to the risk.

According to current national legislation (Code of Laws 3850/2010, article 43), hazard identification and risk assessment are essential obligations of the employer. Risk Assessment Study is an essential and effective tool regarding managing Occupational Health and Safety.


Hazard identification and Risk assessment are the “heart” of

Occupational Health and Safety

Hazard identification is a process of great importance. Scientific knowledge, experience, systemic method are some of the key ingredients that are required and are accompanied with on – site visits and data documentation.

Risk Assessment is a process that follows hazard identification. In international level, specific methods are applied and modern software are used that yield reliable results concerning the risk assessment.

Biosafety has the knowledge, experience and tools to provide reliable, in-depth and documented Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment for each business, facility and activity.