Occupational Physician

Services provided by Occupational Physicians is an employer’s obligation according to legislation (Ratification of the Code of Laws regarding Occupational Health and Safety, Code of Laws 3850/2010, article 8, paragraph 2).

Businesses that employee 50 employers or more, are obligated to provide Occupational Physician services. Furthermore, if harmful agents are used (P.D. 186/1995) by the company, then Occupational Physician services must be employed regardless of the number of the company’s personnel.

In order to perform the services mentioned, Occupational Physicians must conform with terms and conditions of legislation.

Each Biosafety associate, assigned as Occupational Physician in a facility, provides services according to legislation (Code of Laws 3850/2019), and is always supported and supervised by the company’s Scientific Manager for Occupational Physicians.

Occupational Physicians provide consultation and suggestions, in writing or verbally to employers, employees and their representatives. Suggestions and recommendations are provided regarding corrective measures that must be applied concerning employees’ physical and mental health. Written suggestions are documented in a special book (Occupational Physician Data Book).


Occupational Physicians consult in issues concerning

  • Planning – programming – modifying production, manufacturing, maintenance processes
  • Corrective measures implementation regarding materials, means, and equipment
  • Physiology, psychology, ergonomics & hygiene, workplace & working environment configuration, and production processes optimal organization
  • First aid
  • Initial working position placement or modification, due to health issues, integration or reintegration of disadvantaged person.

Regarding Occupational Health Supervision, Occupational Physicians

  • Perform medical check-ups on employees after hire or when they change workplaces
  • Perform periodical medical check-ups.
  • Are responsible for medical examinations and agent measurements.
  • Assess personnel’s suitability regarding specific working positions and issues a corresponding verification for employers’ use.
  • Supervise the implementation of corrective actions regarding health, safety & accident prevention
  • Inspect workplaces, mention oversights, suggest corrective measures and oversee their implementation
  • Describe/demonstrate the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Investigate causes of diseases, analyze and evaluate the results and suggest prevention measures
  • Oversee rule conformity in general, informs of imminent risk and suggest mitigation measures
  • Provide treatment -on the spot- in cases of sudden illness or accident
  • Perform vaccination (when programmed)
  • Are bound by medical and corporate confidentiality

The Occupational Physician is also obligated to refer personnel to additional medical examinations, that are carried out by EX.Y.P.P. (aka external H&S services providers, like Biosafety) and other capable private or public enterprises.