Periodical Medical Check & Examinations 

Biosafety collaborates with certified Biochemical and Microbiological labs, conducts sampling checks and supports all kinds of laboratory examinations.

Depending on the nature of the examinations, Biosafety’s network of Occupational Physicians carry out the medical checks and examinations at workplaces, and thus, not disrupting the proper business operation.

The results of all Medical Examinations are tested and confirmed multiple times, evaluated by Occupational Physicians and approved by Biosafety’s Scientific Supervisor of Occupational Physicians.

Medical and personal data confidentiality is an unshakeable value and commitment as well as a foremost prerequisite for Health Services Provision.


Medical Check-Ups & Examinations

Blood testing

Chemical Substances measurement

Diagnostic Testing

X – ray, Radiology
Specialized Testing (CT, MRI)

Check Up

Pulmonary (Spirometry, etc.)
Ophthalmological (visual acuity testing, etc.)
Otolaryngologic (audiogram test, etc.)
Cardiologic (cardiogram, etc.)
Specialized function testing & examination of all medicinal specialties, if deemed necessary by Occupational Physicians