Health Care Protocol

Biosafety with its scientific excellence and continuous improvement aims to effectively address issues regarding Occupational Health.

Biosafety, through national legislation and the need to conform with E.U. Directives, as well as the existing protocols and international good practices, concerning medical bibliography, has established a Health Care Protocol (HSP).

Collaboration of Occupational Physicians and Safety Officers is a prerequisite of the Health Care Protocol.

Health Care Protocol’s procedures are applied by all of Biosafety’s associates during scheduled or extra facility visits.

The implementation of the Health Care Protocol is organized coordinated and supervised at Biosafety’s headquarters.


The HCP consists of

  • Risk Assessment Study
  • Physical, Chemical and Biological agents’ measurement
  • Clinical and laboratory medical examination process
  • Documentation and archive of clinical and laboratory medical examination results
  • Investigation of occupational diseases’ possible cause
  • Personal Medical File for each employee
  • Arrangement and equipment of medical kits.
  • Necessary PPEs for every workplace description
  • Formation and training of the First Aid Team
  • Accidents’ documentation, investigation and analysis process
  • Vaccination program and implementation
  • Organizing seminars concerning accident & disease prevention