First Aid Training

First Aid Training aims to provide practical knowledge to all attendants, which is deemed valuable to their working as well as personal and social life.

Biosafety’s certified and approved by European Resuscitation Council (ERC) associates implement the First Aid Training programs.

After successful completion of the training programs, participants receive certification (3-year duration).


First Aid Training

First Aid - BLS/AED

The First Aid – BLS/AED Training Program provides an all-round first aid training. Two sections are included, the Theoretical approach where basic principles, international protocols, equipment and cases of First Aid provision are presented, and the Practical approach where attendees get accustomed with recognising emergencies, managing choking events, cardiopulmonary revitalisation, recovery positions and the use of defibrillator.

First Aid - Trauma Support

The First Aid – Trauma Support Training Program is the second course after BLS/AED training. It includes extensive theoretical training while emphasising in practical training and skill development, regarding the use of equipment, such as gauze, bandages, tourniquet, etc. Participants learn how to properly use bandages, manage blood loss, treat wounds, ischaemic binding, managing and treating burns. In the introduction of this program, a training exercise is conducted concerning the first course (Trauma Support Program) that participants have already completed.

First Aid to Children and Persons with Special Needs

Biosafety is able to plan and implement specialised training programs regarding First Aid to Children, infants and groups of people with special needs.