Project Quality Management & QA/QC

The Project Quality Program (PQP) is an organized quality control process during the construction phase of a technical project.

The PQP introduces a new way of monitoring a project’s quality, in groups and categories and is mandatory for public projects. The PQP is based, inter alia, on the Standard ELOT (ISO 10005:2005 & 10005:2018) suggestions and guidelines regarding Technical Projects Quality Programs of Public Works Advisor.

The PQP includes all the necessary tool for the project’s monitoring, data collection and documentation of work activities that have been implemented and their archive.

Biosafety develops Public Projects Quality Programs that include:

  • Conduction of essential H&S studies
  • Overseeing the project’s quality
  • Procedures & instructions to be applied in the project, in-writing
  • H&S training and PQP implementation during the project

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Biosafety in collaboration with experienced engineers, assures the quality control (Quality Assurance/Quality Control) in all types of projects and businesses. Among others, the associate is responsible for:

  • Promoting and improving quality in every level of the business
  • Coordinating & conducting Internal Quality Auditing
  • Auditing-monitoring corrective/preventive measures, complaints and non-compliance
  • Monitoring the documentation of the Quality System
  • Contacting the Certification Service Provider along with third parties, regarding issues of quality management
  • Personnel training concerning quality issues