Physical, Chemical & Biological Agents

Measurement of agents that are used or produced in workplaces is a legal obligation of every employer (Code of Laws 3850/2010, article 37).

  • «Agent», is described as any physical, chemical and biological agent present at work that is likely to be harmful to employee’s health, or dangerous in other aspects, regardless of its physical condition.
  • «Critical exposure point» is the highest level of employee exposure to an agent (highest concentration point or intensity regarding a workplace), above which no further exposure is allowed.
  • «Critical biological indicator point» is the highest agent’s concentration allowed, which is measured directly from body tissue, body fluids, exhaled air or indirectly by its implication to employee’s body and health.

According to legislation, employers are obligated to control agents’ concentration or intensity in workplaces as well as the levels of employee exposure.

Agents measurement in workplaces must be reliable and corrective measures are based on their results. The results mentioned are documented in the specific book of agents.


Biosafety has calibrated equipment and follows certified standards and methods regarding agent measurements

Physical Agents

• Temperature and relative humidity
• Thermal stress
• Air velocity
• Exposure to noise
• Illumination
• Vibrations

Chemical Agents

• Inhalable dust concentration
• Cotton dust sampling
• Fiber concentration
• VOCs and particulate matter concentration (CO, CO2, O3, SO2, NOX, Cl)
• Chemical agents’ concentration such as, Benzene, Toluene, Carbohydrates (C10-C16)

Biological Agents

Biosafety provides measurement services of biological agents such as, viruses, bacteria, fungi and delivers certified results cooperating with an accredited chemical laboratory & medical provider.


Concerning biological agents’ measurement, Biosafety conducts sampling and measurements regarding the Legionella Bacterium. Biosafety recommends timely sampling and measurements conduction against Legionella, which is a key solution for employees’ health.