Legal Compliance Audit

Precautionary Legal Compliance Audit regarding legislation’s requirements can shield businesses against fines or other administrative sanctions by corresponding authorities through inspections, as well as substantial H&S protection for employees, visitors and third parties.

Biosafety’s executives undertake precautionary auditing in any and all kinds of facilities (buildings, industries, workshops, warehouses, hotels, public places, etc.) aiming to manage safety issues (i.e. E/M installations and equipment, elevators, parking spaces, signs, fire-safety and space evacuation, ergonomics and workplace design, infrastructure, etc).


Auditing can be implemented:

  • With comprehensive checklists based on current Greek legislation
  • By conducting extensive auditing (i.e. Industrial H&S Audit)
  • In accordance with international standards such as the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) system which is a pioneering assessment and building’s sustainability system