Accidents Investigation

According to article 15 of Law 3850/2010, in case of occupational accidents, the businesses’ Safety Officer is obligated to:

  • Investigate the cause of the accident
  • Analyze and evaluate the results of the investigation
  • Suggest prevention measures for future incidents

Accident investigation is a crucial process of substantial importance that requires specialized expertise, method and experience.

Correspondingly, the Investigation & Cause Analysis Report of occupational accidents that includes suggestions regarding preventive measures, is of considerable importance as it also has legal status.


Root Cause Analysis

For an effective incident investigation, the Safety Officer must identify:

  • The immediate causes
  • The underlying causes, aka root causes

For every serious injury there are smaller-scale accidents, near misses and unsafe behaviours. By analyzing the root causes, it is possible to reduce probability the accident occurrence.

The Root Cause Analysis allows employers-businesses to locate the systemic causes of accidents along with the direct causes.

Biosafety has the expertise and experience in using specific analysis and accident investigation methodology, as Fault Tree Analysis, 5M/8M, Five Why, Fish-bone Diagram (Ishikawa), etc.