Third Party Auditing

Biosafety can provide independent consulting audits – “Third Party Auditing” services to construction projects and industrial sites.

Third Party Auditing, is implemented after written-documented order, for legal or physical persons, that have direct connection to a project, i.e. ownership.

Audits can be periodic or non-recurring, scheduled or unscheduled, and the range & field is determined in each case, in accordance with the contractor.

Auditors are executives and chosen-associates of Biosafety.

Upon completion of each audit, the contractor receives an analytical Technical Report, in form of Gap Analysis by Biosafety.

Biosafety’s Third-Party Auditing provide real-time information, independent and legal & technical documentation of the current situation regarding issues of H&S, thus enabling decision-making, in-time implementation of corrective measures and long-term action planning.