Holistic H&S Management in Projects

Biosafety, knowing of increased needs in large and specialized construction and industrial projects, has developed and provides a new service of Holistic H&S Project Management, Holistic-HSPM.

Holistic-HSPM can cover needs exceeding those that law demands.

With Holistic-HSPM, Biosafety undertakes from “point 0” the overall management of Health & Safety issues of the project.

The Project Team is employed solely for its specific purpose. It is always under supervision of QHSE of the client and answers to the projects’ hierarchy. The team is cooperating with all parties, i.e. Project Owner, Independent Engineers, etc., and is always supported by Biosafety’s headquarter.


Co-operating with the client, Biosafety’s Project Team consisting of engineers of various fields assume:

  • Strategic H&S project planning
  • Preparation of all H&S documents and studies
  • Legal compliance
  • Implementation of H&S management onsite
  • Project deliverance regarding H&S


Holistic-HSPM, can be provided in any construction or industrial project, regardless its:

  • Specialization (infrastructures, wind industry, gas & oil, κ.ο.κ.)
  • (Geographical) Location
  • Completion duration
  • Size (facilities, number of workers)
  • Nature of activities