Safety Climate & Safety Culture Survey

In modern organizations, Health & Safety is more than just a simple compliance obligation with legislation. Investing in H&S is an investment to the human resources, aiming to improve, develop and achieve corporate goals.

The evaluation of the business culture allows the precise identification of capabilities and deficiencies of the organization, in order to plan corresponding actions.

The Latin word Culture (derived from the verb colere, meaning cultivate) has the meaning of the Greek word, Education. Cicero defined culture as, the cultivation of the spirit, education, as well as the overall spiritual tradition, or creation of a society or group of people.

In businesses it is defined as:

  • Safety Culture, the “personality” of an organization regarding safety
  • Safety Climate, the depiction of an organization’s attitude “mood” regarding safety, in a specific time

The climate & culture of an organization-group of people,

can be measured and evaluated

Biosafety conducts Climate & Culture Safety assessment surveys in corporate organizations or their departments.

For the surveys’ conduction, Biosafety uses valid, recognized tools with international application in the field of Occupational H&S, thus ensuring reliable results.

Upon the survey’s completion, the management and executives of the corporation have the full picture of the current situation in the organization. Having this knowledge, the can now set priorities (time-financial) and decide the next steps leading to further H&S improvement in the business.