Corporate Strategy Development & Action Planning

Occupational Health and Safety is a prerequisite for Responsible Entrepreneurship as it concerns Human Life Assurance.

Legislation and specifications that describe Human Life Assurance basic principles, mandate all corporate organizations to adapt a new Health and Safety Strategy, which fully safeguards employees and employers.

Biosafety, by implementing international standards and methods, develops the suitable Health & Safety Strategy, that will be effectively integrated in business activity, operations and features, as well as an action program that safeguards the company in H&S issues.


Biosafety’s H&S Strategy & Development Program

  1. Identifies and documents the current situation
  2. Develops and enhances a clear strategy policy regarding H&S, according to the needs and specific features, and includes an action plan with goals and key performance indicators/
  3. Enhances the Human Resources’ skill-set, concerning H&S principles’ adaptation, and includes the development of an annual training plan, aiming to raise awareness, mobilize and urge employees to become actively involved.
  4. Sets the means of monitoring the annual plan and audits it with the guidance of specialized consultants.