The company

Biosafety S.A. has been active since 2001 in the field of Occupational Health & Safety, with the license of EXYPP from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (131740/03/02/2005).

Biosafety’s integrated Health & Safety Services provision, is based on scientific excellence and legal documentation. With years of experience, Biosafety implements principles, protocols, methods and tools conforming with all the scientific prerequisites and good practices applied both in Greece and internationally, ranking it highest in terms of Quality, Most Informed and Fully Qualified Provider of Safety & Prevention Services.

Biosafety, with accountability and consistency, is constantly expanding its presence in the field of service provision of Occupational Health and Safety, aiming to meet the needs of modern enterprises from every field of activities in the public and private sectors.

The board of Directors of Biosafety S.A., is comprised of:

  • President and Managing Director: Christos Botsis
  • Vice President: Dimitrios Stamoulis
  • Members: Georgios Pergamalis, Vassiliki Petropoulou